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Sharks Committee


Paul Bugg

m: 0448 458 456

  • Management of the club financially and governance of the club.

  • Represent the club and attend meetings with Geelong United Basketball

  • Sign off and apply for clearance and permits

  • Ensure teams are registered

  • Respond / manage emails and delegate as necessary

  • Attend tribunals as required

  • Liaison with stakeholders / external agencies as required

Vice President

Neil McKenzie

m: 0425 708 245

  • Assist president with their responsibilities when unavailable or as requested

  • Represent the club and attend meetings with Geelong United Basketball


Graeme Moore

m: 0404 819 245


  • Arrangement of club monthly / annual meetings

  • Record minutes of meetings

  • Authorise payments with Treasurer as required


Katie Terpstra

m: 0402 406 391    


  • Management of club finances and maintain accurate records

  • Management of payments, invoices, banking of money  and other associated financial transactions

  • Compile financial reports and supply at committee meetings

  • Provide annual budget

  • Compile financial audits as required

  • Identify non-financial players and forward to junior or senior coordinator for following up of payments.

  • Review forfeits and booked tickets at Basketball Geelong and raise issues with Senior / Junior Coordinators and club committee as required.

Senior Coordinator

Paul Bugg

m: 0448 458 456

  • Co-ordinate players for teams at start and throughout season.

  • Selection of coaches at Championship level in consultation with Junior and Coaching Coordinators

  • Ensure each team has a team manager allocated

  • Follow up non-financial players as identified by Treasurer

  • Arrange / support fill in players as required

Junior Coordinator

Daniel Willmott 

m: 0408 363 142

  • Co-ordinate players in teams at start and throughout season

  • Appointments of coaches in consultation with Senior and Coaching Coordinators

  • Ensure each team has a coach allocated and arrange fill in coaches as required.

  • Ensure each team has a team manager allocated

  • Registration of new players

  • Coordinate junior training schedules

  • Arrange / support fill in players as required

  • Investigate suitable domestic tournaments and events that will enable teams and coaches to participate in

Coaching Director/Coordinator

John Wickham

m: 0411 753 514

  • Assist in coordination and appointment of coaches with Senior / Junior Club Coordinators.

  • Coordination of club tryouts at commencement of each season.

  • Ensure each coach appointed has sharks coaches pack at start of season (Training manual, Polo top, hat, coaches board and up to date coaches manual / contact list)

  • Develop up to date training manuals / videos

  • Ensure coaches have access to the training manuals either through Facebook / Club Website or other social media platforms

  • Arrange appropriate coaching courses each year.

  • Arrange at completion of each season a coaches meeting where coaches are:

    • Given the opportunity to provide club feedback on what worked well and what didn’t

    • What there availability to coach the following season.

    • What there team preferences are and nights available to coach

  • Develop proactive ideas and strategies, such as:

    • Encourage parents to become coaches and provide list of potential coaches to Junior and Senior Coordinators.

    • Further ongoing training and development ideas

Uniform Coordinator

Angela Horrobin

m: 0419 139 452


  • Allocation of uniforms to players

  • Ensure uniform teams lists and players list are current and match

  • Audit of stock

  • Ordering of new uniform

  • Design / updates of uniform and seek committee approval upon any required changes.

  • Management of clash tops

Fundraising/Sponsorship Coordinator


  • Coordinate fundraising activities (Approximately 3 each year)

  • Manage club sponsorship

  • Develop / plan for ongoing fundraising / sponsorship ideas.

  • Develop / plan for proactive club promotion ideas such as through school newsletters.


Presentation/Awards Coordinator


  • Coordinate yearly presentation day

  • Arrange end of season medals

  • Develop / plan one off functions / events where club presentations may be awarded, such as life membership awards etc.

Website/Social Media Manager

Daniel Willmott

m: 0408 363 142

  • Management / update of club website /Facebook and other Social Media Platforms

Welfare Officer

Chris Moore

m: 0407 338 654

  • Take and active interest in the welfare of club members to see if the club can support in any way

  • To ensure new parents and players to the club have ‘settled in’

  • Players and parents having difficulty paying club or game fees, offer support and if necessary seek approval from the President / Vice President for financial assistance to ensure no one misses out on playing basketball for the club

  • Any inappropriate activity is reported to the Complaints Manager

Compliance Manager

Craig Jarvis

m: 0438 671 355

  • Ensure coaches / team managers / committee members have current working with children checks

  • Ensure coaches are registered on Player HQ

  • Update of records of coaches qualifications.

  • Ensure overall compliance with club policies and procedures

General Committee

Chris Moore
Graeme Moore
Matthew Moore
Andy Bugg
Lachlan Bugg

Angela Horrobin
Daniel Willmott

Amy Clarke
Wayne Clarke

Justin Horrobin
John Wickham

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