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Firstly, a big thank you for volunteering to be Team Manager for your team. It’s a very important role to help each team run smoothly.


A team manager is the link between Sharks Basketball Club and you r team, they are responsible for:

  • administration and management of the team and

  • welfare of all team members at training and competition.

Now you are a Team Manager you must:

  1. Notify the club:

    • We need to be aware that you are a team manager, please contact the Junior Coordinator with your details and what team you are looking after.​

  2. Register:

    • Register as a Team Manager on play HQ, you will then be linked on the database to your team. Register here

      • You will then be able to access your team on the database. You must ensure that all players, including fill in players are registered on Play HQ, if they are not they cannot play. My Teams View Squads – PlayHQ

  3. Working With Children:

    • Apply for a Working With Children’s Card. Register or update details here

    • Existing card holders need to update organization details and link Sharks Basketball Club

    • Exemptions apply to Police and Teachers, please email a copy of your current teacher card to

  4. Member Protection Form:

    • You are required by Basketball Victoria to complete a Member Protection Form and return this to the club every two years.

    • Please fill out the form and have this witnessed by a relevant authority. Access Member Protection Form

    • Forward your Member Protection Form either by:

  5. Communication with the team: 

    • Communication with the team is very important. Most teams utilise the Heja application, the benefits of this is:

      • It allows you to communicate with the whole team with one message, you can also see who has read your message;

      • You can create events such as games, trainings and team functions, you can see who has read the event and also they can select if they are attending or not.

    • To create a Heja group for your team please click on this link. Heja Instructions

    • There is also a separate Sharks Junior Coaches and Team Managers Heja Group, to keep updated with information we suggest you access this also. To access the group please email


For a full description of the Team Manager role please click here.

Also being a Team Manager requires other responsibilities, our club prides itself on protecting the children in our care, please ensure you have read ‘Club Documents’ on our website and have an understanding of:

If you have any questions or identify an issue please contact the Junior Coordinator or Club Welfare Officer.


Thanks again and good luck!

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