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Club of the Year - Top 5

Geelong United Basketball recently held their Community Competition presentation night for Winter 2023.

One of the awards announced on the night was "Club of the Year" which is determined by allocating points for wins in Geelong United Basketball's Winter Championship divisions. Ten points are allocated for each win in the Senior Men's and Women's Championship and six points allocated in the underage competitions.

We are proud to say that we finished the season in the Top 5, showing that not only can we provide an opportunity for all to play basketball, but we can also compete at a high level amongst the Championship Divisions.

Top 5 Results:

YMCA - 638

Wildcats - 620

Pivot City - 496

Try Boys - 492

Sharks - 448

Congratulations to YMCA on taking out the award this year.

Read more about the awards night here


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