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Home grown talent the hallmark of Horrobin's Championship Men

Sharks Champ Men Winter 2022 Well here we go again, back to Winter. Our boys have been adjusting to new coach Justin Horrobin, who has settled in nicely. Doesn’t seem to get flustered, good grip on the game and flow, and good game plan. Our boys had heaps of injuries to start Summer, and Elvis stepped up from division one to help out for the season, and what a great example he set while being effective when he hit the floor. He has decided to go play division one with his old team this season as his creaky knees weren’t letting him play at the level he likes, so we wish him well, and thank him for his efforts! With no rep players, and undersized most weeks, you could expect our squad to enter most games as underdogs through Winter. Our squad train hard and play hard, and execute well while defending as a team, which quite often allows us to be in games at the end. And with the time the guys have been playing together, looked like we were able to get over the line where in the past we couldn’t. So coming off a good summer season that left something on the table for the boys, lets have a look at the squad and what we can expect for Winter.

Coach: Justin Horrobin

Still new to the role, but has the guys playing how he would like. Tweaked the game plan, inserted different players, given players different roles at times, and kept the guys playing and training hard. You know he will make good decisions in game to keep us rolling

Locky Wilson

PLUGGER! Has been our best player for a couple of seasons now. Rebounds, defends, scores, does it all. Always up for a challenge, and more intense on the court than he appears from the sideline. Probably need a few more 4 point plays from him this season… Huge difference from when he came into this squad as a junior, hurt the squad late in Summer when he went down injured. Lets hope he can have a stellar season and help lead Sharks to finals.

Seamus Macaskill

Creaky knees anyone? This guy is an evergreen. He remembers when basketball was invented, was helping with some of the rules that would help him. The veteran of the squad, with a good insight into the game. Killer fade away from the base, off balance lay ups, and those drives to set up shooters are all a nightmare for the opponents. His real value comes at the defensive end, where he shoots the lane, gets deflections, and rarely gets beaten off the dribble, helping create transition basketball for us

Brad Jones

This man eats rebounds for breakfast. Doesn’t like jumping. Doesn’t like layups, and they don’t like him. Creates our transition off a rebound with his ability to put the ball on the floor, even in traffic. Deceptively quick, has been asked to guard opposing guards more frequently. He loves guarding the bigs inside though, and has improved his game down low at both ends. Bring on the transition trey for this guy we say…

Ed Roxburgh

Can this guy jump or what? Don’t be fooled by his athleticism. He has been working hard on his game since he came to Sharks. Can run out of dunks at training, but no one can relate to that problem. Solid down on the block, his rolling game and finishing on putbacks at the basket is exceptional. Has the mobility to guard smaller players as well, which has been really handy for the squad. Wait till this guy gets range from 3, it will be all over.

Gabe Nogueira

Recruited by Seamus. Could steal his spot. Probably the best PG in the club already. Loves competing on defense, works hard, boxes out, runs, and has a great feel for the game. Has taken pressure off old man river Macaskill, and Plugger. Quick to release down court, has shown he can finish strong near the basket. Watch as this guy continues to improve.

Jack Murray

The enigma. Was injurred, and didn’t look like he would be back. Came back, looked out of sorts, so went and played himself into form in division one. Mobile big man, defends guards and bigs equally as well. Creates mismatches and allows for switching on defense because of his versatility. Finished nicely, and can drain from outside. Was close to our best player before injury, lets hope he recaptures that form this season.

James Bayard

Now one of the seniors in the team. That didn’t take long. Was only five minutes ago he was the new guy and learning the ropes. Now he has that silky smooth jump shot from mid range that is a nightmare for the opposition. Baseline J in transition seems to be his favourite. Our original Mr Versatile, guarding guards, bigs, you name it. Does love a wrestle down low, and laughing at Wayne’s jokes

Lachie Bugg

This guy can fill up the score sheet in a hurry when he is feeling it. Always a threat, and always on the court yapping to his team mates on defense. Competes until the buzzer goes. Can’t switch off when this guy is in the house.

Dylan Arkell

This guy is looooonnnnnnggggg. Not a traditional back to the basket big man, but normally the tallest on the court. Quick in straight lines, and ends up out in front on transition regularly. Finishes nicely at the basket, works hard on defense. Just needs to grow his confidence so he can dominate a game.

Arrjun Surattee

One of the guys that has so much promise. When healthy his hands are super quick, taking the ball from you before you know what has happened. Quick bounce jump allows him to block shots unexpectedly. Needs more confidence at the offensive end, but has the potential to be a handy player.

Caleb Brozina

Tassie Devil. The blur at both ends. This guy doesn’t know what quit means. Strong defender, hard to break him down off the dribble. Good rebounder for his size, and has started adding some weapons to his offense that will make him tough both ends

Paul Hart

This guy makes me feel bad for saying Seamus was old. Has seen it all. Invention of the wheel, bread, cars, you name it. Does play hard though. Solid defender, strong rebounder. Guys around him feed off his calmness on the court. Still has a few miles left in the old legs.

Ethan Horrobin

Worked his way into Champ Men in Summer. His efforts on defense are second to none. Has been working on not making those little mistakes that let his man off the hook, and its proved to be well worth it. Brings hustle and intensity to the squad, and creates energy when he is on. Not afraid to guard anyone, and has been getting better at preparing and understanding his role

Lliam Sell

They call this man Furby. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. Before selfishly moving to Japan to be close to his girlfriend, this man was a regular at training, and every Sharks game played every week. He was in 37 teams, and no one has any idea how he managed it. Will bring his intensity and work rate to our young team, and help create an uptempo game with all the speed he has. Not afraid to let loose in those tight games, its good to get this guy back where he belongs.

Preston Pedron

Has all the skill in the world. If you had to pick a player based on potential, this would be the guy. Athletic, 3 point range, can finish under pressure. Does he have what it takes though? Promoted late in Summer for a run, showed in glimpses he could be a long term player for Champ Men. Watch this space

Todd Klein

This forward in a guards body has been working on his game. Evolving it to suit his body. Its been nice to watch his successes. Tough on the boards, and hustles every defensive play. Could be a difference maker for champ men if he finds that guard instinct. Will we see this man in winter?

Good luck to all of the players, and Sharks teams. If you are interested, get down and check out the guys in Winter. These guys don’t disappoint from an effort perspective, and its always good watching these guys play together, as real teams should.


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