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Neve Terpstra to Represent Country Victoria at U16 Nationals in Bendigo

The Sharks Basketball Club is thrilled to announce that Neve Terpstra will be representing Country Victoria at the U16 Nationals, held in Bendigo from July 6th to 14th. Neve’s participation in this prestigious event is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and passion for the sport. We invite our community to follow the Country Victoria U16 women's team and support Neve and her team mates as they compete at the national level.

Event Schedule and How to Follow Neve’s Progress:

The U16 Nationals is a week-long event featuring some of the best young basketball talent from across the country. Neve’s first game is at 3:30 PM on Saturday, July 6th, against NSW Country. You can follow the game live through LiveStat here. For more information and the full schedule, visit the official tournament website here.

Updates on Neve’s schedule and results will also be available on the official U16 Nationals website and the Sharks Basketball Club’s social media channels. We encourage all supporters to follow Neve’s progress and cheer her on through our live updates and highlights.

Neve’s Journey and Love for Basketball:

Neve’s basketball journey with Sharks began when she was just seven years old, but from day 1 she was determined to excel and gave the game her all. In was in her first-ever game, that Neve broke her arm. But that didn’t stop her, as soon as the plaster was off, she was back on the court. Club coach Graeme Castle spotted her tenacity early on, and it wasn’t long before she was playing for both the U10 and U12 girls teams concurrently.

Over the past nine years, Neve has grown into a dynamic player, known for her skill, dedication, and team spirit. At the age of 14, Neve debuted in the Sharks Championship Women’s team, demonstrating her exceptional talent and earning her place among the club’s top players.

What Neve Loves About Basketball:

For Neve, basketball is more than just a sport – it’s a passion that fuels her every day. She loves the thrill of the game, the challenge of improving her skills, and the joy of competing. But what stands out the most for Neve is the friendships she has made along the way. “Basketball has given me some of my closest friends,” she says. “The support and camaraderie we share on and off the court are incredible. It’s like having a second family.”

Staying Active and Healthy:

Staying active is another aspect of basketball that Neve cherishes. The physical demands of the game keep her fit and healthy, while the mental challenges help her develop resilience and strategic thinking. “Playing basketball keeps me active and always pushes me to be better,” Neve explains. “It’s a great way to stay healthy and have fun at the same time.”

Join Us in Supporting Neve:

As Neve heads to Bendigo to represent Country Victoria at the U16 Nationals, we are immensely proud of her achievements and excited to see her showcase her talent on a national stage. We invite all Sharks Basketball Club members, supporters, and the wider community to follow Neve’s journey, celebrate her successes, and be inspired by her dedication and love for the game.

Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates on Neve’s games, results, and highlights. Let’s come together to support Neve and cheer her and her team mates on as she represents Country Victoria and the Sharks Basketball Club with pride and passion.

Good luck, Neve! We are all cheering for you!


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