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Sharks Training - Summer 20/21

Welcome back to training for summer season 2021. In order to comply with government guidelines as per our COVID Safe Plan please note the following:

  1. All players, coaches and parents must 'sign-in' using the QR code posted at the main entrance and use the supplied sanitizer. For those without a compatible device, paper based registration form will be available.

  2. All participants will have to enter and exit the venue at different spots

  3. No more than one parent/guardian may be allowed per player under 18.

  4. Coaches and spectators are required to wear a mask whilst inside the stadium.

  5. Please do not enter the stadium until instructed by our COVID safe officer.

  6. All training sessions will commence on the hour and run for a maximum of 40 mins.

  7. We are required to have a break of at least 20 minutes between sessions to allow for cleaning.

  8. Each player is asked to bring their own basketball which must be sanitized upon entry. Any players without a basketball can use one of the Club provided , sanitized balls.

  9. At the end of each session all players and parents must exit the stadium using the door near the baseline on court 2.


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