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Sharks Update - April 2022

Welcome to Winter Season 2022

Team lists for all teams, junior and senior, are contained in the attachments below.

Training will resume on Sunday 1 May 2022, and you will find the training schedule here.

Please note that in order to take the court, all players will need to be registered in the PlayHQ system.

This season GUB will be enforcing a strict ‘No Pay, No Play’ policy in relation to unregistered players.

If you haven't already registered, please click the link at the top of the relevant team list.

It is anticipated that fixtures for the first 3 weeks (grading) will be released progressively on Friday 22 April.

Game fixtures can be found on the PlayHQ website here.

Good luck for the season ahead!

If you have any questions or issues with the registration process, please email us at

Team List W22 (website) - Senior Women
Download PDF • 147KB
Team List W22 (website) - Senior Men
Download PDF • 196KB
Team List W22 (website) - Junior Boys
Download PDF • 234KB
Team List W22 (website) - Junior Girls
Download PDF • 176KB

Uniform Collection

A reminder that for any players requiring uniforms, we will be in the foyer at AWA Stadium as follows:

Friday 22 April 2pm to 5pm – Under 14 and above

Friday 29 April 4pm-7pm – Under 10s & Under 12s

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